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Paintball Birmingham
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Birmingham Paintball Park Game Zones

3 centres – Loads of game zones


Easy to mistake for Hollywood film sets, our network of Birmingham Paintball Centres feature an array of amazing game zones professionally built by our dedicated construction team. Our themed scenarios feature larger than life pyramids, military vehicles, light aircraft, statues, and even genuine London double-decker buses to name just a few. We offer you the ultimate in combat simulation, in a safe environment amongst a wide range of different scenarios that are constantly updated and vary from centre to centre. Awaiting you and your friends at Paintball Birmingham is so very much more than a day out of the office, but an action packed, adrenaline-pumping experience that will challenge your mind, body and reflexes.

Some of the game zones available in Birmingham:


  • Command Post – You must stop the enemy forces from blowing up the fort. Defend the fortress at all costs!
  • London Apocalypse– Keep the President alive as the convoy is under attack. You’re equipped and ready!
  • Mad Murphy’s Jungle Attack – A routine patrol turns ugly when unseen forces ambush your platoon. Eliminate the enemy.
  • Tomb Raider – Massive zombie statues protect the Giant Pyramid. Get underground and retrieve the prize.
  • Siege of Stalingrad – The decimated city is occupied with Soviet missile trucks and needs liberating. Capture the trucks and seize control!
  • Chemical Alley – No time to think. Total annihilation of the enemy is all that matters. Get in to the chemical plant and secure it before the terrorists take control.
  • Viet Cong Village – It’s time for a hostile takeover! Infiltrate the village and take control, building by building.
  • Zombies’ Crypt – The zombie legend is fearful for sure but you must find a way inside the cursed crypt, grab the sacred statue and escort it to the enemy base.

Please note: Game zones vary from centre to centre


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